SBS 2008 migration – 2

Each time I do Small Business Server migration I have to deal with new issues. I’ve never seen the same issue twice so far.

Below are two challenges related to Active Directory.

Issue #1

During migration I’ve received the following error message:

“Cannot connect to the domain”
“Verify that the domain name and log on credentials are correct, and then try again.”

It turns out that this is quite famous issue. There are definitely few obvious things to chek:

  • All information is correct, including domain name and user password.
  • Time and time zone is the same on both servers.
  • Network connectivity is present (ping sourceserver and ping sourceserver.domain.local).
  • Netlogon and Sysvol shares are present and can be opened from destination server.

Some people even claim that C: drive on source server needs to have at least 25% of free space, however as stated in the following blog, this error is mostly caused by networking issue of some sort.

In my case source server wasn’t using correct internal DNS and therefore wasn’t able to resolve GUID DNS name correctly.

Issue #2

During migration I’ve received the following error message:

Active Directory replication is taking longer than expected. You can choose whether to continue waiting.

If you choose not to wait, the migration may fail. Unless you are sure that replication is working correctly, it is recommended that you continue waiting.

This error is listed here with the following most Common Cause:

You will only get this dialog after we have waited for 25 minutes and the new server has not been able to properly contact the source DC to initialize the file replication service (FRS), this is preventing the new server from becoming a domain controller. Clicking No on this dialog will almost certainly mean a failed setup. The source server is most likely in journal wrap or having FRS issues.

Correct the FRS issues on the source server, do not reboot the new server or close down the setup, leave the popup dialog open, once the FRS issues are corrected on the source server, you can open a command prompt on the new server by using Shift-F10 and restart the Netlogon and FRS services, then confirm that SYSVOL and NETLOGON are shared on the new server by using NET SHARE, only then you should click Yes to continue waiting, after 5 minutes the setup will go on.

Some people suggest to do registry tweaking, others suggest to install hotfix from Microsoft.

In my case I had the following error in Event Log:
The File Replication Service has detected that the replica set “DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)” is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

The entry in the Event log for this particular error is very informative and helpful which doesn’t happen often. It actually has instructions on how to fix that:

Click down the key path:
Double click on the value name “Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore” and update the value.

If the value name is not present you may add it with the New->DWORD Value function under the Edit Menu item. Type the value name exactly as shown above, then restart ntfrs.

Both issues actually could have been revealed by running dcdiag, so it’s a good idea to check domain health before starting a migration 🙂