Special prices calculation

Each permanent customer, usually, has its own standard Net prices from the supplier, based on their sales volumes and loyalty. But customers often request supplier’s competitors also for offers, looking for best price/quality ratio

In this case supplier is willing to offer special prices in order to win competition and get the business.

To be able to offer better prices without unnecessary dumping, calculation of special prices must be based on competitor prices. Competitor price could be given on different conditions (CIP, DDP, DDU etc.), either with VAT and other taxes, customs fee included or without.

If you are going to make special price offer on CIP conditions in Euro, this software is for you. It helps to calculate CIP prices if competitor offer is on another conditions.

1. First question is currency in competitor’s offer:

2. Second question is whether VAT is considered in competitor’s prices or not:

3. How many lines are in the offer:

4. You can enter each designation and quantity manually (press “Next >>” to enter next designation) or, if you already have this information somewhere in excel and wish to copy and paste it, just press “That’s all”.

After all prices and designations were entered, special price calculation table looks like this: