Orderstock analysis

Backorder file (Orderstock) contains of all booked but not shipped customer’s orderliness.

As you can see, besides other useful information, there is the date in the column “Accepted Delivery Time”, which means approximate possible date of goods arrival to customer’s stock.

Ideally, this dates should not be changed after confirmation. But in reality, they can be postponed or even improved by the supplier. Usually this is the “surprise” as there is no special mechanism to clue up customers when accepted date is changed. The only way to find postponements sis to compare new and previous orderstocks. But as orderstock file consists of many lines (could be several hundreds), manual comparison will take much time.

STKProc compares two weekly orderstocks to find orderlines in last one with postponed accepted date.

It creates report then, marking in red items postponed on more than 2 weeks, in blue – postponed on more than 1 week but less than 2 weeks and with no color – postponements on less than 1 week.

Besides, STKProc can split information by customers and put each part into separate excel file.